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    good morning all,

    has anybody run across this... I am running ver3.7 mr2 I have 2 cyl. that I have used for my alignment, rotated my y axis to them and xy zero on one of them. When I ask for the true position of the cyl. that is not zero it gives me an x deviation of 0 (which I would expect) and a y deviation of .0006. What I am finding odd is the true position is showing up as .0013?
    when I get out the ole' calculater and do the formula long hand using 0 and .0006 I get .0012 but I am thinking if the deviation is in 1 axis only I should be getting .0006? It seems there is no toggle for a deviation in 1 axis only?
    I guess I could use distance but the print asked for tp so that is what I wanted to show.
    Any suggestions


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    Your true position is still .0012,even if your axis deviation is only one direction.


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      It's a rounding issue, you are anly reporting 4 decimal places but the software carries it out farther then that. The 0.0006 could be 0.00064 and after the TP math it could be as much as 0.0018.
      James Temmen

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        Aguayo is correct. You need to envision a circular tolerance zone around your part. Not a linear or cartesian tolerance. Look in ANSI Y14.5 for visual depictions of this.

        When in doubt, post code. A second set of eyes might see something you missed.


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          I don't know what the heck I was thinking! As sson as I picked up the explanation in my book it was like a ton of bricks! I guess I need a few more days off. Thanks guys


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            You were think'in just fine, you just forgot the 2x part of the calculation.

            Good job, sometimes we think so fast we get ahead of ourselves

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