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    3.7 MR3
    When using auto circle and I check the 'find hole' option, when the probe find the hole it has an additional or second depth move, a bug that bugs the h*** out of me, why is there not a fix for this, I'm at MR3?

    Thomas rolleyes:

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    What exactly do you mean by a second depth move? By design it fsearches to the check distance but the backs up to the circle depth to do the three point find, is that what it's doing?
    James Temmen

    There is no job so simple that it can't be done wrong.


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      as the probe 'pecks' in a outward spiral and finds the hole it drops into the hole, then it drops again, than it probes to the sides. the problem is that second drop, it can hit the bottom of the hole and error out and not measure the hole location because it is dragging the bottom.


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        I have been using that feature all day today as a matter of fact and have not had that problem, double check the CHECK, AUTO MOVE and DEPTH settings to make sure you are not conflicting somewhere, other then that I don't know.
        James Temmen

        There is no job so simple that it can't be done wrong.


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          Your auto move has a depth set in it.change it to 0.


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            I've had this issue if I understand correctly. What we have done to help out here was to create a plane, with some vector points or something, then RMEAS your hole to that plane. You will have to change your check distance to something close to zero before hand. If your check distance is set to zero the equator of the styli will not go past the plane.

            Is this a counterbore, blind hole, or a hole with a nut?
            David Monroe
            Is there any way to stop the infernal beeping!?

            3.5 MR2
            Dual Arm Vento



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              not sure if you have resolved this issue, as i am one of the lucky ones who work this weekend i will throw in my 2 cents. although we are on 3.5mr2, the "find Hole" feature, whenit actually finds a "hole" will then go the the full check distance specified, if that distance is to great, change the percentage from 1 (100%) to .5(50%) or whatever will get it done. that should take care of your issue, if I remember correctly the only time the percentage of check distance is applied is in autocircle - find a hole.



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                Thomas, I know exactly what you are talking about. I had the same problem with MR2, I just worked around it, by manually finding the hole by eye, and then do a remeasure. It worked fine in ALL the previous versions and I started with 3.2063, but something changed in 3.7 MR2. I used to use it all the time for reverse engineering. I have NOt tryed it in MR3 yet though, but it sounds like it hasn't been fixed.


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