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  • large Speed Errors

    I have worked on several Brown & Sharpe Global Machines and am currently working on the "fx". I have not seen the large differences in measurement based on Motion Speed that I have with this Machine. I think that there is something wrong with the machine and was hoping that prehaps someone out there may have encountered this situation. Any helpful feedback is greatly apprciated.

    Thanks G
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    Thats funny (strange) you mention that issue regarding speed -vs- accuracy. I was just speaking to someone last night about that same thing and they also have a "fx" machine. We discussed the proper way to calibrate and measure ..... calibrate at 1%, measure at 1% probe speed. Also the prehit was discussed ....whether there was enough distance for the axis of the machine to follow the approach vector and get proper compensation. After all was said and done we didn't have any other possible reasons for the issue you and he has.......very interesting. I will post again if we come up with something...........Happy Easter
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