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  • creating a line

    Morning all

    I have a part with and alignment of the line in the Y axis, but I have a measurement off the X axis at a 22.03 degree axis. Could I off set the axis of the y axis line 22.03 degrees and the create a line along the x axis?

    B&S Global image 3.7 mr2
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    Are you saying that the 22.03 is a basic dimension? Or a driven angle that a feature is dimensioned from for lack of better words? If that is the case then yes, offset the angle prior to dimensioning. We may need a better descriptor or a snapshot of the drawing.
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      offset the alignment, create point along the x axis (y=0) and create a line from point to origin.
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        I will try and get a snapshot of the print as well as try that out, Sorry I know my description needs to be better.
        Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!


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