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  • new machine: not connection to controller . . ..

    Setting up a new cmm. New PC. Just DLd 4.1. We have 6 other cmms here running 4.1.

    Boot up. I get "not connected to controller. Shut down pcdmis and check settings".

    I matched settings with one other cmm here. Still same error prompt.

    Any ideas?


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    Well first, all the brave people who are not still clinging to 3.7mr3 like me, say that you should go for the newest beta of 4.2. There are some known problems with 4.1.

    Now about the controller thing. All cables are connected properly? Have you unplugged and reconnected all of them? You have shut everything down and rebooted? Can you move the cmm with the jogbox?

    If none of the above helps or sheds any light, then I am afraid all I can say is
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