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  • Can't get a Point Constructed!

    I know .....I's saturday.
    But, this is driving me to drink Well, that's a concept. Anyway, take a look at this picture. I have drawn a circle in "Paint" on the right side of the picture, just below the ruby ball to show the line I want to construct a point on. I have tried everything I can think of. I just finished training this week, and the instructor could not get point constructed here . I have tried piercing the large radius with a line , contructing a point at the intersection of a line and radius, auto point, auto edge , and so forth. I must not be aligning the only 2 brain cells I have correctly. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks again,
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    Ok. Breathe deep. Welcome to the demon! The instructor could not do this???!!!??? OH BOY! I do not see anything in the attachment that ties down where on the plane the line is. Is it movable? Are you just looking for a single axis value here, such as the distance from the center of the bore on the flange to the place the radius intersects the plane? (In that case use a plane instead of a line and report the singe axis value of the resulting line.) Based on the info I have now, here are my stabs:

    1) Is that large radius a circle or a cylinder? If it is a circle, try making it a cylinder. Then try piercing the cylinder with the line. If the math fails, try constructing a reverse of the line and piercing with that.

    2) If that fails you may have to punt by trying to intersect the cylinder with a plane. This will give you a line, which you can hopefully intersect with the line you are currently trying to use.

    3) Last ditch effort when you can't get there any other way: You could do the math to figure out the theoretical x,y,z location of the point and then construct a generic point at that location. You could get fancy and use your actual measurements of the plane and the radius to assign variable and do the calculation for each unique part when the program is run. But this is getting very advanced for someone who is just beginning to know the joys of pc-dmis.

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      I am no expert but I would try and project line 4 onto the same plane as the circle and then try to pierce, or drop, or whatever works.
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        I am new at this to but i thought i would give it a shot. Try taking a plane on the flat surface to the right, and then try creating a point at the intersection of the plane and the large radius. Just a thought its early but it sounded good. HTH
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