Anybody see Alignments go blank?

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  • Anybody see Alignments go blank?

    I using 4.1 on this machine & I have a program i wrote last week from a solid model.....I use an iterative alignment which i am fairly confident is pretty solid....The program has been running for 9 days 24/7 and today whatyaknow CRASH!!. I open the program to see wtf is goin on here & inside the iterative alignment the features to level,rotate & origin are all missing also where you can identify a label for start & error i had labels identified now have a feature name????? Weirdest thing I have seen...
    Also i just found out that the sister program which is just a mirrored program has done the same thing..Any clues to why the features have disappeared from the align?? I have not edited or touched these programs for 9 days!

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    I don't think things just disapear. Interrogate everyone else who uses the machine. I'm sure someone did something to it. Hope you have backups somewhere.
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      I did have backups so that's the one good thing. I also thought someone did something but it is extremely unlikely. Nobody here knows what an alignment is & to do the same thing to both programs would take some level of pcdmis knowledge......dunno??


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        If your IT group has not assisted you yet, to isolate the "Operator" mode (Read Only) so that folks around you can't modify the actual program, it would be a good idea to lock out any access to the Administrative priviledges on the PC associated with your CMM.

        We FINALLY installed our 7-10-7 and it was only running for a DAY, when an hourly Inspector decided to log on to the computer and start building files, with no permission to do so, and no knowledge of PC-DMIS or an automated CMM, whatsoever.

        Someone got in there, (innocently or not) and was "messin."

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          Are you sure that they are not off the screen by 1500mm? Just a thought. Maybe PC-DMIS flipped a vector of a line. Just guessing here.
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