Printing Issues V2.3 vs. V4.1

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  • Printing Issues V2.3 vs. V4.1

    We have recently upgraded from V2.3 to V4.1. In V2.3 the report was sent automatically to a *.txt(autonumber, i.e., 001,002,003) that we could edit with word(we are a jop shop that runs two dcc's 24/7). In the new software there is a requirement to use the new templates, but unfortunately it doesn't always print to file and we seem to have issues editing the text only report. Is there a way to have the reports functions as previously?

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    No but try using the PPap report. Here's mine:


    soryy file too big

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      Go to View, click on report( if already on, click off then back on again) shrink Close Edit window. You should see the Report Window, to the top left of the window you will see a broom, to the right there is a two little yellow boxes, click on that, a Report Template window will appear. In that window you will have different templates to choose from. The one you want will read: the last three words will be \reporting\\default.rpt Click on that. If you do not see that choice, click on the button at the bottum of the box the state ADD... Find the template \reporting\\default.rpt then click the open box. Then go back in the Report and do the the procedure all over again. If you add anymore dimensions to the report template you have to use click on the little broom to update the report to put those dimensions in it. Got IT?
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        Here's my procedure for this.
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