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  • Probe Rack Problems

    I keep getting "Wrist Error" fault messages when my probe changes tips.

    I've tried re-calibrating the rack numerous times but I cant seem to make it perform any better while droping tips off.

    Renishaw SCR600 4 slot passive tip rack, with SP600M probe.

    Is there a way I can write a better rack calibration program or manually (i.e. indirectly) enter the data which PCDMIS uses for rack location info? Renishaw rack calibration seems lacking in quite a few areas. Especially accuracy.
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    B3C-LC Controller (Leitz Protocol), SP600M, TP200
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    You should be able to edit the location of your slots in the Hardware Definition of your Probe Changer. I had to do this and move the X and the Z Axis for each slot. On the SLOTS Tab you need to click on Edit Slot Data and it gives you direct control over the location of each slot.

    In PC DMIS 3.73 you can get there by Edit / Preferences / Probe Changer
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      The passive racks are pretty forgiving... unlike the ACR style.

      Dumb question, are you sure that you used the right tip configuration to calibrate the rack?
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        This was happening to me on a machine I used a while back. For me what was happening was the probe would come in too low and overload when it "crashed" into the rack. Our fix was to edit the Z location in the probe cal and then re locate the rack. You will want to either back up the original probe file or write down the correct values and change them back after you "fake out" the machine. It took me 2 or 3 trys to get the z adjusted to a hieght that made changes smooth.
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