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  • Question on Reporting Circular Features

    I have a part that has two circular features. They are concentric and one feature has a diameter of 0.186" larger than the other one. The print shows a cross section of this area with a gap of 0.093" between the two features. Is there any way to inspect these two features with Auto Circle and report out the difference in radii to give me the 0.093" dimension? Can I do this in several places, for example the gap along the -X axis, +X axis, -Y axis and +Y axis?

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    The difference in radii alone wont give you the gap correctly because the two features will not be concentric.

    This will give you a very close answer:
    Construct generic lines in the various orientations you need(angles) with the staring point of the lines being the center of one of the circles.
    Intersect the various lines and the arcs.
    Find the 2D distance between the points that define the gaps.
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      Create a 3d line through both and align the centerline, rotate, spit out that they are both 0,0. Use a variable and assign cir1.d-cir2.d/2.
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        That's what I'm looking for. I had to use pierce point to get the intersection between the constructed axis lines and the radius of the circle, but other than that, it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your assistance!


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          Why do it this way as apposed to location of one axis to another axis? Unless function calls for it and I doubt it, I would position one to the other.
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