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  • 4.2 graphic display questions

    Good morning,

    I have a few questions about the new 4.2 (no going back now) auto-features graphic display.

    1. In the auto circle window, the blue vector arrow is extremely huge. How do I change this setting?
    2. Auto circle again, the hit path is a very thin line and hard to see. How does one change that?
    3. When I drag hits like start angle and end angle, the depth of each hit jumps all over. How do I stabilize this hit depth when dragging hits?

    Yes, I am blindly navigating around in the new auto features utility window.....any tips would be appreciated. Liked 4.1 a lot and I'm sure 4.2 will be ok once I get the changes under my belt.

    Thanks in advance.

    Peter DeGroot
    B&S Microhite v2012 cad++

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    Hi Peter-
    1.) In the Autofeature dialog there is a "Analysis - Pt Size" option. If it is set to "0", then it will use whatever value is in your DrawPointsRadiusInMM registry setting. (This allows people to change all their features in all their programs at once). Or, you can just increase this value locally for this one AutoVectorPoint.
    2.) In the settings editor, there is an option for "DrawPathLinesRadiusInMM".
    3.) Use the "View Normal" button so you are looking straight down on your AutoCircle. Then, the dragging will only drag the start and end angle. If you are viewing the AutoCircle from the side, then it's the depth that's dragged.
    Hope this helps...


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      Yes it does help. Thanks Glen.
      B&S Microhite v2012 cad++


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