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  • Aligning CAD Model

    I don't know if it's monday or what but I can't seem to snap this cad model to my alignment without doing a CAD=Part. I've taken points on the CAD, ran the manual points, took em on the physical part and aligned it. Usually it works but today it isn't. Someone remind me why it's not please.

    When using CAD=Part, it's not lining up correcting to my part for some reason. I noticed this when doing perimeter scans.
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    CAD to Model Process

    What you've got here is a model that needs a perp flip to it's primary working plane. Pc-dmis kinda hangs you out to dry in those instances. So:

    1) Measure a surface that is normal to all the other features you will be measuring next.

    2) Level and assign one axis origin to this feature.

    3)Pick the rest of your alignment features and align them now.

    Your model should be in a good place for you to go DCC, and begin to align the part to your primary DAtums.



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