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    We have a probe changer with 4 modules that we use most of the time. These modules are attached to a black 2" extension. All of the modules have been calibrated using the 2" extension. Becuse of a clearance issue, I need to use the first module with an 8" extension. I have no idea how to do this. The probe rack etc. was set up by the tech when the machine was delivered.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Unless your gonna change the extension for the tool in the rack what you could do is create a new probe file not using the rack & just calibrate what you need.HTH
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      How do I know a probe file is for the tool rack or not for the tool rack?


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        Each probe file has its owm name When I had my TP200 rack the probes in it were names tool 1, tool 2...ect

        If you don't want to change the probes in the rack then just call your probe file by the part # or something like that.
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          Jeff, let us say right now you are using a 4x50 tip on one module with that 2" extension between the probe body and the indexing head. (Correct?). Let us say that probe is called 4x50 in your probe files. All you have to do is create a new probe file identical to this one, but with a slightly different name, "4x50xLONG" , and listing the 8" extension instead of the 2" extension in the probe

          Note you will have to hand load this tip. With the different extension you will not be able to access the probe rack.

          Also note you must recalibrate any time you loosen or tighten a thread in a probe build.

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