Measure distance from grid to center of hole

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  • Measure distance from grid to center of hole

    Hi, I am a newbie to PC-DMIS and to this site. However, I have a question.

    Can PC-DMIS measure the distance from the grid value to the center of a hole?

    Just like it shown in the attached picture.

    I imported the CAD file, and it has the grid. Still figuring out how to get the value of 4.66 like the one shown in attached picture.

    Please help.. thanks.
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    Simply.... No... but you can build and alignment, shift your zero position to the grid line nominal and output the hole... this would give you the deviation of the hole from the grid line but really you should measure it relative to the print.


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      I just love those point in space measurements.
      Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!


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        I agree with Ken. Take one of those parts that you are measuring and throw it at the designer.
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          You could create an offset or generic point (or line) on the gridline and dimension to that.


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            Good one homburgler
            Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!


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              Sir George is correct, and so is Dandrewscawinski. Whut a pain n the ****.

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