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  • MMIV to Pc-dmis

    Hey guys,

    Any of you taken your MMIV programs and migrated over to Pc-dmis with any luck ? I have a customer with TONS of programs that needs to move over.

    I would almost think there could be a VB script to DMS out to Pc-dmis....

    Its gotta be possible....

    They are using an emulator right now for MM$, what is that ? So it can be run in a Windoze enviroment ?

    Anyone with any exposure to this commenting would be appreciated.
    Jim Jewell

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    When we first switched to PC-DMIS about 3 1/2 years ago we paid the extra money for the MMIV translator. Personally, I think it was a waist of money. We used it for a month or two until we became more efficient with the Demon. I think it made the transition from MMIV to PC-DMIS more challenging because you never seemed to get away from how programming went in MMIV. Once we quit using the translated programs and started writing new ones in PC-DMIS we seemed to learn all the shortcuts the Demon has to offer not to mention catching numerous drawing errors where the 2D did not match the 3D...

    I do not remember what exactly an emulator does (it's been 3 years since I've even fiddled with the MMIV crap)...

    I would recommend having an outside source write the more frequently used and larger programs in PC-DMIS until someone there is able to get the smaller and less frequently used programs written...

    Just my 2 cents...
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      We switched back and forth with an A/B box until most all the programs were re-written in Pc-Dmis. Even though in a bean counter's brain you feel you are "losing" money in the program investments. But you devalue equipment, so what about the programs that operate that equipment? Why should they be portable? We gained speed, accuracy, and a broader range of use by using Pc-Dmis with the A/B switch, and finally the hard drive went on the unix system, it was no big deal.



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        With the level of customization via the VB interface of MM, it's pretty much impossible (time/money wise) to have a MM->Demon converter.

        Plus, as rangerboat72 pointed out, you can catch possible errors made in the original program as you are rewriting them in PCD.


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          We have updated 14 cmms worldwide from MMIV and Tudor using SCO unix boxes.

          We made the transition to XP PCs by purchasing MMIV Legency software which executes all of our original MMIV programs. We also purchased PCDMIS (3.7 mr3) for all new program development.

          MMVI Legency works pretty well. I have found only a few things in which the original MMIV programs were not compatable with MMIV Legency, easy to fix though. We plan to retire existing MMIV programs over the next two years, either through obsolecence or redevelopment in PCDMIS.


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