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    Has anyone ever exported a variable set list out of datapage then sent to another site or out side supplier and had them load into their datapage so data can be sorted the same way at each site? We take data directly out of datapage and drop into excel spread sheets to create all our reports and do not want to manually re-create each variable set list at each site.

    Thanks in Advance
    B & S XCEL 7-10-7
    Sharpe32 Controller
    PH10MQ & ACR1 Toolchanger
    TP20 & TP2 Probes
    Pcdmis CAD++ 3.7mr3, 4.3mr1, 2009mr1, 2010mr1
    Datapage RT 3.33

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    You would need to perform an ASCII DUMP of the part desired. Then, using NotePad edit the resulting output file to only contain the Part Name and the associated Variable Set information.
    The 01 record contains the part name.
    11 contains the name of the variable set
    12 contans the variabes within that set

    This assumes the part name is the same as the one in the other location.

    01 DEMO
    12 CIR0.D
    12 CIR1.D
    12 CIR2.D
    12 CIR3.D
    12 CIR4.D
    12 CIR5.D
    12 CIR6.D
    12 CIR7.D
    12 CIR8.D
    12 CIR9.D


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