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  • Installing v4.2

    I'm ready to go from 4.1 to 4.2.

    What's the best way to UNinstall 4.1, so that when I install 4.2, everything is at default settings?

    Some of my defaults somehow got screwed up with my current 4.1 installation, such as label ID setups and some other stuff that won't keep the default settings. I'm tired of constantly having to reset things to default. So I figure this is a good time to move to 4.2.

    Am I going to have to mess with the registry to get 4.1 settings completely out?

    Aaron Fenner
    Quality Engineer
    PC-Dmis v4.3
    B & S Global Status 7.7.7
    6 years xp 32-bit


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    I don't know how to answer your question but...

    In 3.7 the button 'defaults' does not restore the default factory settings. It saves the current settings to be the default settings for next time. I would suspect it is the same in 4.1.


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      Rename your 4.1 folder (back up every thing in it 1st just for safety) then when you install 4.2 create a new folder for 4.2.
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        Installing New Version of PC-DMIS

        1. Create backup of the current PC-DMIS folder

        2. Export “Settings Editor” backup file

        3. Create new folder named for the version installing, ex. “PC-DMIS 4.2”

        4. UnZip the installer from the S drive to the new “PC-DMIS” folder

        5. Install PC-DMIS

        5.1. Find “Setup.exe” in the new folder and double click it

        5.2. At the “Select Language” screen, select “English”, then “OK”

        5.3. At the “Welcome” screen, select “Continue”

        5.3.1. Install HASP driver if prompted

        5.4. At the “Select Directory” screen, browse to the new folder, select “OK”, select “Continue”

        5.5. At the “Select Program Management Group” screen, change “PC-DMIS for Windows” to “PC-DMIS 4.2”, select “Continue”

        5.6. At the “PC-DMIS Launch Reminder” screen, select “Continue”

        5.7. At the “PC-DMIS CAD++ Setup” screen, select “Restart System Now”

        6. Create shortcut on desktop

        7. Copy subfolders from old folder to the new folder: _PROBE
        _CAD IMPORT
        _CAD EXPORT

        8. Copy following from old folder to new folder: All profile (user) folders

        9. Start PC-DMIS and then shut down

        10. Start up ‘”Settings Editor”

        11. Import “Settings Editor” backup file from the S drive

        12. Set up search paths to new PC-DMIS folder

        13. Install Windows HotFix (for new machine only)

        14. Send email to users of new software
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          Thanks for the tips. Everything has worked out fine so far.....

          Aaron Fenner
          Quality Engineer
          PC-Dmis v4.3
          B & S Global Status 7.7.7
          6 years xp 32-bit



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