Emergency error- RED light on PHC10-Datum

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  • Emergency error- RED light on PHC10-Datum

    Runing 3.7 ,when trying to home CMM Machine,After log on into computer, turn on the air pressure and start PC-DMIS.the pc-dmis window come up with pc-dmis message( Do a machine start( if needed ) then press ok to home)

    So try to press machine start in joy box , the light in the PHC10 power is on, the second light get in active( Head portion of PHC10) for couple seconds and the moves to RED light in datum in(Error portion of PHC10). and an error of
    ( emergency error ) pop up.

    By turning off the PHC10 BOX , I can move the probe with the joy box.
    where this error came from ? , NO crash , Just happened when starting the machine before yesterday, Can't start machine since then.

    Tried to turn of machine,computer and pc-dmis couple times , same results.

    Need your help, Please,


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    Other than the 800 # I don't have many ideas. But you should tell us what type of machine and controller, (if known), that might help someone help you. Otherwise, make sure all wires are firmly connected and all scales are clean. HTH
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      I think I understand your question. When you start up your cmm, does the light on the probe head come on? Not the lights on the PHC10 but on the actual probe head (PH10M). On your probe controller box (PHC10) you are getting a red error light for the datum.

      I'd check for loose wires first. Check them on the back of the PHC10 and pull out the probe head and make sure the connection there is good.

      Do you have the hand control pendant for changing the probe head angle manually? If so, can you adjust the angle.

      It am guessing maybe your probe head isn't seating quite right. I would guess your problem lies in the probe head or in the PHC10 probe head contoller.

      If the hand control won't let you change angles, I'm afraid the 800 number is going to be your best bet.

      Originally posted by A Disho View Post
      NO crash
      Is your machine in a locked room? Does anyone else have access to the machine when you aren't there? I'm just curious because at one point we had a problem with people coming in here and messing around with stuff after we went home. We'd come in in the morning and there would be bent probes and stuff moved around. After a couple of occurances of that we had locks installed on the doors to the inspection room so that access is limited when we aren't here. The reason I bring this up is that there may have been no crash but if someone came in and screwed around with your machine and tried to move it manually by grabbing the probe head I would imagine that you might see the kind of error you are getting.


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        Good Morning,
        You can also turn the Probe Head Controller off and on seperately. Try this to reinitialize your machine.



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          Last time I saw this it cost us a PH10MQ.. Seems like it was $3500.00 or something close to that.



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            Originally posted by ag162 View Post
            Good Morning,
            You can also turn the Probe Head Controller off and on seperately. Try this to reinitialize your machine.

            After trying the above there is a reset button on the Renishaw autochange control unit (if you have a tool changer) try the reset.
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              sometimes it takes 7-10 cycles to clear the error code.
              a cycle is:
              Estop on
              Estop off
              machine start

              check the conncetion at the PHC-10-2 box labeled "PICS OUT"

              Sometimes if the hand held Jog box is dropped the E-Stop connector loosens up, opening the circuit.



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