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    Gday ,

    We have recently upgraded to v4.1 from v3.2063 (thats right 3.2063) bit behind the times here in Aus. I am finding that any progs which contain scans and are written in 3.2063 will not run in 4.1 and vice versa , is this a common problem with jumping from one version to another. (when i say they dont run it is only the scanning aspect of the program that doesnt run). the_cougar.JPG

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    Hav you tried to regenerate the scans you have? I have from 3.7mr3 to 4.2 and they work fine. Oh and by the way move up to 4.2. The version you are using has some serious bugs and many fixes can be found in 4.2.

    James Mannes


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      thanks for the tip i believe this is in the process of happening. Your right we have had all sorts of dramas with this version. On our initial release(4.1) we were not even able to view a step file, a fairly simple thing to get right when purchasing a new release one would think. We have since been given a release called 4.1RC which is a little better, but after reading this forum will push to move on to 4.2 . Cheers again
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        I have customers that use our programs that I write is 3.7MR3 and save back to 3.5MR2 and going forward to 4.1 and the scans need to be regenerated and delete the analysis (if you use) and create a new one. This is almost a "have to do" when running scans in different versions.
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