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  • send cmm to home in 4.2

    we have a cmm that runs 2 diffrent programs on it and a a-b switch to go from one to the other. The problem is when we switch back from direct inspect to PC-DMIS we need to home the CMM the other version asks to home the machine but 4.2 does not and it is lost. Is there a way to do this with out shuting down the unit it self.

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    From what I have heard, because PCDMIS only queries the controller for a "Not Homed Yet" setting, you have to restart the controller in order to put it into that state.

    I dont know of any command to force a Machine to home in PCDMIS.

    There is only one thing that you might try:
    Just before you shut down Direct Inspect, send an IS command to the controller and see if that forces PCDMIS to re-home the machine at startup.
    Links to my utilities for PCDMIS


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