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    Job Jenson went thru this at a training class that to inspect a "hole" location at an angle from the primary axis ( I am assuming here thats what you are talking about ) you must align your "ALIGNMENT" to the "AXIS" of the hole. You will then be reporting the deviation from 0.0 / 0.0.. I had never had any luck trying to figure it out until I used this method.


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      Re. TP with polar coordinates and Schlag's comment about "align your "alignment" to the axis"...
      I would think that your alignment would be based on the actual position of the center of the pattern (most likely a bore) and the NOMINAL position of the bolt hole. Meaning you'd have to create that nominal hole location some way. You could construct a point where the hole is supposed to be, or maybe just rotate your alignment (whichever you prefer). THEN measure the actual hole. The deviation of the radial location of the hole (ie the hypotenuse of the right triangle) x 2 would be your diametrical position result. Did I say all that so that it makes sense, and sounds correct?
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