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  • Reporting Feature Sets

    To report on feature sets my company turns graph on & arrows then pastes a sceen shot into power point. Next we turn text on, copy & paste the report part on the feature set next to the picture.

    Question: Is there a better way of reporting feature sets this seems tedious?

    Question2: The report part of the feature set only reflects the actuals ~ is there a way to kick out the should be’s or theoretical also???
    sigpicThanks a Millionth

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    Does Dataveiw offer an alternative?
    sigpicThanks a Millionth


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      Can't you insert a graphical analysis? Use the create analysis view. This updates the report everytime.

      For your 2nd question, you can try inserting point info. You can then go in and customize what you need to report etc.
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