[2022.2 SP1] Autofeatures overwrite measured values upon clicking OK

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  • [2022.2 SP1] Autofeatures overwrite measured values upon clicking OK

    By design or bug?

    Measured an autofeature (cylinder in my case).
    F9 the autofeature and hit OK (do not edit anything).
    Note the measured values has been overwritten with the THEOS/TARGS (just like you created a new feature).
    Expected behaviour: Nothing should be overwritten, if anything should be overwritten, it is the changes I had made (nothing, that is).
    Hitting "Cancel" does not change the MEAS.

    Additional bug:
    Change the THEOS for the autofeature in the edit window, and answer yes to the update target values.
    Note that the measured values did not change in the edit window, but they have changed "behind the scenes" for the feature.
    I noticed this as my TP for the cylinder was 0.
    So, it has the same behaviour as the first issue, but without the updated edit window code.

    I believe we have had this issue in an earlier version...

    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o22.2 SP2

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    Found to be a bug in the portable versions of PC-DMIS.
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o22.2 SP2


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      We've seen this in some cases, and are reviewing it again. I've also copied neil.challinor on a message I wrote.


      • Don Ruggieri
        Don Ruggieri commented
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        Follow-up. This issue has been reported before, in various forms. The team is aware of it but not prioritizing it right now.

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      if you click on the alignment which it resides in then click edit feature it should revert back to the original numbers.


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        Not limited to portable, just found it in our CMM installation.
        PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o22.2 SP2


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          The edit window behaviour you describe sounds the same as an issue you previously posted here : https://www.pcdmisforum.com/forum/pc...919#post511919

          That was in relation to the hits getting re-set when making changes to THEO values in the edit window. That fix was done by a different team and went into the initial release build of 2022.2. It sounds like it may have somehow got broken again in 2022.2 SP1. I'm trying to get hold of the other team's Product Owner to investigate.

          As for making edits from the auto-feature dialog, If you simply hit F9 and then click OK / Cancel without making any changes, I would expect all values to remain unchanged. However, If you hit F9 and make a change to ANY setting or THEO value from the dialog, I would expect the auto-feature to be reset when clicking OK. Again, I'm waiting to talk to the other Product Owner to confirm the intended design.
          Neil Challinor
          PC-DMIS Product Owner

          T: +44 870 446 2667 (Hexagon UK office)
          E: [email protected]


          • Matthew D. Hoedeman
            Matthew D. Hoedeman commented
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            OK/CANCEL used to work differently, they shouldn't act the same. OK = YUP, THIS IS WHAT I WANT (and reset everything to what is shown in the auto feature window) and CANCEL = OOPS, MY BAD, DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING and nothing happens, nothing changes.

            I do know that this has changed from version to version over the years. TARGETS do not get set back to THEO in 2016 while they do in 3.7 when you click OK when you F9 a feature.

          • vpt.se
            vpt.se commented
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            That would be the expected behaviour if I F9 the autofeature - don't change anything -> OK just closes the dialog without touching any values. But it seems it is more like Matt describes, it overwrites the MEAS when I click OK.

            If the MEAS is <> THEO it should not overwrite the MEAS with THEOs. If it does overwrite, we can never change the THEO diameter for example and hit OK without the need to measure the hole again. Sometimes the THEO from CAD needs to be changed in order to match drawing (roundings and whatnot) but then I must write the correct THEOs at the creation of the feature, I can't measure the part and then go back to fix the THEOs without having to measure it again because it overwrites the MEAS on OK...

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          As a work-a-round we use command mode and edit without using F9. If angle start/ finish change needed adjust as needed with F9 note angle start/finish then cancel. Edit block in command mode.


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