Selecting circle without CAD gives weird results???

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  • Selecting circle without CAD gives weird results???

    Hello again! Thank you for the help from yesterday, there was so much stuff that I learned that I still need to respond to everyone and do some more tinkering with my setup. Today I've run into another problem. Basically, I'm trying to probe this custom hole gauge that one of our workers made. I'm using it to make a go/no go gauge for the machinists. I do not have any kind of CAD, so I just decided to probe it really quickly and make a quick program. It's not really that important, but the problems with PC-DMIS are bugging me. Basically, I've got my manual align and DCC align working, and the DCC align will check out and run physically. Ok, cool. But, after the DCC alignment, when I try to click on autocircle or autocylinder, it will give me a circle way out in the middle of space (a new circle too, circle 3). I don't want to check some weird new circle, I want circle 1 and 2 to be probed lol. I've had this problem come up in the past when using CAD, but it only generally happened when I hadn't run the DCC alignment yet, and the program was just showing me random points in space. Does the CAD need to be present in this case?? The first photo is the simple geometry that I'm using as an alignment. Plane, circle, cylinder, autoalign. It probably isn't the best? Idk, but it works in DCC. The second photo is the weird rando circle that the program is throwing off: Circle 3
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    Under 5 hits, you have a depth setting. I like to make my depth 0. You need to adjust your XYZ values on the top left and then make sure you select inner or outer circle. IF you know the size, you enter in the diameter as well. Make sure void detection is off. If you are doing an outer diameter, make sure you select circular move toggle is on. That way your probe will follow a circular path around the diameter.

    When you click auto feature and you have no CAD, the software has no idea where your feature is at so you have to tell it.


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      What is gage made from ? Make on a CNC ? They programed that from a model..... there is always a model....


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        Void detection is on! One on the buttons on the middle too bar
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