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  • Remove CAD elements from CAD model.

    Hello All. I have a CAD model assembly that has something in the way of a feature I need to measure. Is there a way to convert the offending object - so I can hide it? Thanks in advance.

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    Edit / Delete / Cad Elements
    3.7mr3CAD++ / 2011mr1CAD++/2012mr1CAD++/QUINDOS7


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      Thanks. Worked well.


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        If it's been modelled as an assembly with individual components, you should be able to turn them on/off from the CAD assembly dialog.
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          Not quite what you are looking for but still useful. If parts of the fixture and/ or assembly are in the way of selecting or seeing a point on cad, it is possible to hide the offending Cad object.
          Edit/ Graphics Display Window/ Cad Assembly. Should show a tree of all the objects in the Assembly. May need to click on the + sign on the main Cad assembly. Click on the item that is in the way and it will disappear. Reverse the process when you want the object back. You can also transform the objects to get them moved where they belong. Right click on the object name in the tree and select Transform.


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            russd commented
            Editing a comment
            Similar to this is to put the offending cad into a cad layer that can be turned on/off as deleting as stated above is not always desired.
            Edit/Graphics Display Window/Cad Levels. Under "Editing", click "Create" to create a new layer. Select the new layer, start selecting cad and select "Add" under
            Cad Elements. Now you can turn on and off. Keep adding or you have the ability to subtract in case you clicked on a surface you need. I do this for hardware that wasn't layered in the cad.

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          You can also create a section cut of the cad if your goal is solely to increase visibility when programming.
          The tool to section CAD is buried under Edit: Graphic Display Window: Clip Planes

          you can also use clip planes to produce 2d features from the CAD.


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