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  • Virtual DMIS to PC-DMIS

    I was wondering if anyone knew how much different PC-DMIS is compared to Virtual DMIS and how easy or difficult it would be to learn PC-DMIS if i was fluent in Virtual. Is it just a matter of getting used to a new program, or is it something that I would need training for?

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    I am also interested in everything kh54 said.

    I have worked VD for 7+ years and there are plans of a new B&S machine
    Or Zeiss.

    I do intend on training for what ever they go to.
    sigpic Now I see it from your prospective.


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      Virtual DMIS is essentially a 1980s software with a bitching CAD interface. Code in Virtual DMIS is a simple word document while in PCDMIS the code is hot i.e. it is constantly being compiled. Just one example of the differences. There are many and too numerous to go into here but in a nutshell you will need training or do a lot of homework.
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        To "Go" for training with lots of cmm experience, will be a waste of time. You both know basic cmm stuff. You need only a couple of days of "Hands on" training to be up and running.

        Vdmis to Pc-dmis will be easier than going the other way, but it is a matter of getting used to the logic of Pc-dmis vs VD.

        Contact me for on site training, should you be interested.
        Jim Jewell


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