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  • external square slot

    I use the square slot auto feature to probe gage pins (diamond shapes) and I've had a lot of "fun" trying to get the touches on the "long" sides close enough together to be on the small flat.

    Experimenting I beleive I have found that the demon wants no less than a 2mm wall. Example: An external square slot with length of 5 and a width of 5 and zero for a radius (check width selected) will probe the wall +/- 1.667 from the nominal center. Add some radius say 0.5 and now the touches are +/- 1.029 from center. Now 1.5 (the max) radius and they are +/- 0.029. Go over 1.5 to 1.6 and we're back UP to +/- 0.279.

    So, slot length minus the radius (2x) leaves 2mm "wall" and the touches are as close as you'll get 'em. If you're having trouble with slots this may help with the mystery.

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