PC-DMIS 2022.1 Compatibility with Windows 11

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  • PC-DMIS 2022.1 Compatibility with Windows 11

    Has anyone had issues upgrading to 2022.1 if you are running Windows 11 on computer. I can get almost completely through install, then "A problem has occurred" pops up and only option is to cancel process. I have been told by Hexagon support I may need to either wipe my computer and reimage or remove Windows 11 and install Windows 10. Is this truly the only options I have?

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    I think version 2022.2 is the first version that will be compatible with Windows 11, which will come out later this year.


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      Did you check the logs from the installer, it should be able to tell you (or them) what went wrong.
      PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o22.1 SP2


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        I have not checked the logs personally and I can't say that they have either. Thanks for the advice, I will look into that and post fix if they find the issue.


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          Hexagon's software system requirements are here: https://support.hexagonmi.com/s/arti...m-Requirements

          It says in the notes:

          PC-DMIS 2022.1 operates under 64-bit Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8. No other operating systems are supported.


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