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  • MeGoetz
    Some of the window setting appear to belinked to the program execution window, So here is the fix:

    Close pc dmis and open the stting editor.

    scroll down to the user execute option.
    - check the settings for the location.

    There are 2 groups of 4 windows. look at the values for each one.

    One of them may stand out like a Jihadist in the woodpile.

    Copy the settings for another window and paste them to the settings which are anomalous to the others.

    As always be careful about changing settings- It may be helpful to copy the current setting to a file in case you make an error.

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  • SeanO
    Found the problem. The settings of USER_EXECUTION for ExecWindowOptPos1 had a position of -32000 -32000 497 210 .

    So it appears to have been a combination of operators dragging things around and a bug with the window position.

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  • SeanO
    started a topic Hidden Input dialog boxes

    Hidden Input dialog boxes

    Hi all,

    Somehow the input dialog pop-ups (i.e. s/n, user id, etc) are hidden. The probe change dialog box shows, then nothing. But I if hit enter 3 times (workorder, s/n, user id) then the calibarate question dialog comes up as usual.

    All the programs are doing this.

    Is this a setting somewhere that someone changed?

    (Version 3.7MR3.)

    Edit: After more investigation, it *appears* that someone dragged the run dialog (the one with Cancel, Stop, Skip, etc) off the top left corner of the screen. We have the PC set to jump the mouse pointer onto the default button (i.e. "OK" for most). When the run dialog should appear, the mouse pointer jumps to upper left corner.
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