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  • True Position of a Cone

    How do you dimension the true position of a cone. My callout has a true position, no diameter symbol, 0.002" to datum C which is a line in the X plus direction. Cone vector is also in the X plus direction.

    Should I construct a circle in the cone at diameter size 0 and then a center point in that diameter to get the x y z values?

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    In my opinion, this is an odd callout.

    In my industry (AS9100) we would bounce this back to the customer for further clarification. At my company something like this would have/SHOULD have been caught at Contract Review & highlighted as a SEVERE RISK on our QE paperwork due to "customer's engineering annotation is currently un-inspect-able/un-interpretable". Even though I know from experience what they most likely want they have to tell us in writing.

    I'd broach the topics of...
    A) Do you really want "T.P. of the point" where the cone intersects with a plane?
    B) Do you really want "T.P. of a circle" that exists at a certain gage-point height on the cone?
    C) Do you really want a "gage point height" that exists at a certain diameter on the cone?
    D) If this area is designated as critical or is an extra special pain in the @ss that you need to get pretty much perfect (CI or being called out on an MSA or PFMEA)... would they be okay with changing the TP callout to a surface profile callout? This would control the cone's entire form AND location back to your datum structure.

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