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  • "Master Probe" question

    I would like to double check myself to make sure I have it correct regarding the "Master Probe".

    A couple things first...
    Our calibration sphere does get calibrated in the center of the granite so we do have to install and remove once finished calibrating probes.
    We have a probe labeled "MASTER" and it only has A0B0 in the angles.

    My question is...When calibrating probes that are used in the upcoming program first I calibrate the MASTER probe (A0B0) by selecting YES the calibration sphere has moved. Then, every probe after that has a "NO" selection when asked if the calibration sphere has moved.

    I guess my main question is say I move that calibration sphere out of the way to run parts and I have to run another set of different part number parts. Of course when calibrating for probes used in this program I would select YES the cal sphere has moved when calibrating the MASTER and NO to the rest of the probes used in the program BUT when I ran that 2nd calibration and selected YES the sphere has moved does that wash away all other probes tied into the MASTER probe ran prior OR does it just build to the amount of probe angles that are all tied into the MASTER probe? I hope that makes sense.

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    What you describe, qualifying the "MASTER PROBE" on the sphere and saying yes, then qualify everything else saying no (until the sphere moves again or you restart the controller) is the safest way to deal with the issue.

    Continue to do that, and it won't matter what controller or software you work on.


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      we always select "no" unless, location is changed...


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        The master probe is always yes manual or yes dcc regardless if the sphere is physically moved or not. All other probes and tip angles is no.


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          By selecting NO to all other probes and angles you are still keeping the relationship of the master probe no matter where the sphere is located on the granite. As long as you click yes man or yes dcc for the master probe, all the other probes will follow its location for calibration.


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            Yes I get that...I might not be doing the best job of describing my question. I'll do my best to play out a scenario of what I'm trying to say.

            CMM program "A" uses 2 probes, a 1x20 and 5x50 so the steps are to put calibration sphere in center of table and load MASTER probe and calibrate it by selecting YES when asked if the qualification tool has been moved. Then, I calibrate the 1x20 and 5x50 probes and both of them I click NO when asked has qualification tool been moved. Then I run parts and ship them out the door if good results.

            On to the next batch of parts to measure...

            CMM program "B" also uses 2 probes but this time a 3x50 and 1CYLx20. So, I re-install qualification sphere in center of granite plate and load MASTER probe and select YES the qualification tool has moved (because it actually has and it is also the MASTER probe). Then I calibrate 3x50 and 1CYLx20 and select NO when asked if qualification tool has moved. This is where my question is....when I calibrated the probes used in CMM program "B" do the probes used in CMM program "A" get washed out and no longer tie in to the MASTER probe correctly now?

            I greatly appreciate any responses and I'd very much love to hear a response from a Hexagon rep. Thanks all.


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              okay, I believe acgarcia answered what I was trying to say. I was confident that was the case...I really wanted to get some confirmation. Thanks all.


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                what probe are you designating as the master probe? Are you sharing that probe for both CMMs?


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                  Our master is a 5x50. No, just one Global Adv CMM.


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                    If you have multiple tip angles that are tied to a master position...and then you screw the sphere back in and re-identify that position with another qualification...any tip angles that were tied to the "old" position are now tied to the new position (once the new qualification is complete)

                    As long as everything regarding your machine's physical environment is constant (no temp/humidity swing, no FOD, vibrations, etc...) you should not have no re-qualify all of your tips when you go to run "Program B". Just re-qualify your MASTER by saying YES and then do a MARK ALL and say NO and then you'll get all of the tips in this new program PLUS all of the tips you qualified in "Program A" all tied together


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                      Ok great, I feel good now. Thank you very much for the detailed response


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                        Originally posted by brotha_alan View Post
                        Ok great, I feel good now. Thank you very much for the detailed response
                        yw brotha_alan

                        happy programming!


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