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    Can someone explain me why I can only see one measurement on my report, even tho I have more then than that. This only happens on this one model (IGS).
    I need to create a program for each measurement. I think its something wrong with the model. Good thing that its a small part and don't have too many dimensions to check otherwise I would be in big trouble. The IGS comes from Catia as usual this is first time I have this problem.
    Pc-Dmis 4.2, Zeiss Eclipse

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    What version are you using? If you are using 4.0+ you have to refresh the report. Check if you have the features marked for execution too
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      I clicked on all the report format available and finally I found one that show all the profiles I have checked and did not show up on my usual text only report. It only shows up in the "Production Part Approval" report. I am using 4.1 by the way. Refresh did not work. Restart , reboot did not work. I am clue less...why would only show up in one of this report format? At least I can have the report done
      Pc-Dmis 4.2, Zeiss Eclipse


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