Excel Form Reports Crashing/Erroring PCDMIS 2020R1

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  • Excel Form Reports Crashing/Erroring PCDMIS 2020R1

    I recently upgraded to 2020R1 on a shop floor CMM to get access to Excel Form Reports. Whenever I go to insert and excel form report it instantly crashes PCDMIS, every time. I have PCDMIS 2019R1 on my laptop so I made the excel form report, linked all the data to the program that I would run on the shop floor CMM, dropped the excel form report into the template folder and tried to run it on the shop floor. Would error out for “Error Executing None. This command is not supported by current lock configuration”. When I looked at the inserted excel form report command in the program it had been replaced by "None" on this PC. Do you need a certain PCDMIS upgrade like CAD++ or etc to have access to form reports? The Hexagon excel form report explanation page states you do not need Excel on the PC to use them. This PC does not have Excel. Should that matter?
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