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    I am again into a situation which I have no experience and asking for the advice those who do.

    To the best of my knowledge we have the UG DCI add on. ( We paid for one )
    Currently when I attempt to use the DCI drop down I immediatley get an error
    "Lock Indicates IN/OUT is Not Available"

    I have requested from our IT dept for help.

    They are to verify a UG seat has been assigned. I am sure they will then be looking to me for any information that will assist in getting this up and running.
    Does anyone have experience in making this set up work?
    Are their procedures I need to follow for this to come together?

    Come to find out we probably could have gotten by with the UG DCT and avoided the UG seat, but I wasn't knowledgable enough with the product to know the difference. Perhaps this DCI will offer some advantage in the future.
    Thanks for the input
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    I have the SW DCI, and I must have SW open to get a cad model to import into dmis. (If I'm going to use the DCI, I can export to .iges or .step without SW open) If you don't UG on your cmm machine, this could be the reason for the I/O error.

    Aaron Fenner
    Quality Engineer
    PC-Dmis v4.3
    B & S Global Status 7.7.7
    6 years xp 32-bit



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      Originally posted by Bob Pierce View Post
      I immediatley get an error
      "Lock Indicates IN/OUT is Not Available"
      That error indicates that your port lock is not set to enable the UG DCI.

      You can see what items your port lock is enabled for, via Custprog.exe. Custprog can be found in your PC-DMIS install directory. If the UG DCI is enabled, it will show up as UNIGRAPHICS in the list of 'Installed Modules'.

      Your port lock will need to be programmed to enable the UG DCI. It may require a call to the Hexagon Tech Support Hotline at 800.343.7933 to get what is needed to program the port lock. They may supply one of two solutions, either a code to input into Custprog, or a stand-alone program that will program the port lock.

      I've talked to many who say that their IT department makes any system change harder than it has to be. May it not be the case with you.

      For a moment, I thought that I was wrong, but I was clearly mistaken.


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