Txt Creation in order to copy or move a txt file

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  • Txt Creation in order to copy or move a txt file

    Hello guys!

    I am trying to make pcdmis move or copy a txt file between folders with the provided pcdmis commands File/copy File/move. I discovered that in order to have a file move to a new folder there has to be already a file there for pcdmis to replace or modify. No matter how much I tried, a new txt file was impossible to create.

    Is there a way to move a txt file between folders or worst case to create a new txt in the defined folder to be used as a target for my txt file to replace it?

    TLR, I want pc dmis to move/copy a txt file from 1 folder to another empty folder. Is this possible? Thanks in advance!

    PS: If possible keep it simple guys I am not an advanced user :P

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    The above code will copy "Test.txt" from directory "DIR1" to directory "DIR2". The file exists in "DIR1", but does not exist in "DIR2". I tested it and it works. Make sure that you are specifying the desired output file name.


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      As JacobCheverie said...
      An easy way to do it is, in the edit window :
      type "fi" + tab, it should write :
      Then F9 on this line, and choose "MOVE or "COPY" and select the file and the directory where to put the file.
      Execute the line, and it's done...


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        Thanks a lot for your answers! In fact I could not do it by just defining the destination folder I wanted, I had to also define in the destination path the name of the file I was copying otherwise it would not work... For example what did the trick for me for maybe other people having this problem to solve:

        FILE/COPY,DIR1\Test.txt,DIR2\Test.txt,FAIL_IF_DEST_EXIS TS as JacobCheverie said worked although not including the \Test.txt after DIR2 did fail.

        In any case I am happy we solved this problem of mine, thanks a lot guys!


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