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  • AS9102 Format 4.2 Report Template

    Dear Friends,

    I would like to know if anyone has made an AS9102 compliant report in 4.2? I will be making one soon, and if i could borrow from someone else that would be nice.

    I propose to use the PPAP as the base template with a form filler script.



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    We have created an AS9100 FAIR report using basic script that scans through the DMIS program and opens an associated XLS sheet and fills out the form. If you are interested in this send me a message (via DMISprivate message because I don't check the forums much).



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      good idea!

      Originally posted by Cumofo View Post
      I propose to use the PPAP as the base template with a form filler script.

      thats a good idea for automotive vendors. i asume you mean AIAG format?


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