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  • Report Window Font Colors

    Where do I change the font colors for the text reporting in report window?
    Text color is light green now. OT does shows red though.
    PCDMIS 4.1

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    This might be what you're looking for:
    1. Select File | Reporting | Edit | Report Template
    2. Open the report template you use in the template editor.
    3. Select File | Save As and create a new report template based off the one you opened.
    4. Select the TextReportObject and right-click on it to access its Properties.
    5. Select Colors from the Properties dialog.
    6. The Color Editor appears. This is the same editor as used for the Edit window, but in this case it modifies the TextOnlyObject used in your report template.
    7. Make your changes, save the template, load it into the Report window.
    Jared Hess - PC-DMIS Documentation Team Lead @ HMI
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