Why is it so hard to customize the reports???

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  • Why is it so hard to customize the reports???

    The report and label editing part of PC DMIS might be my least favorite part about this software. It is driving me crazy! Why can't resizing a cell just be easy? Why does adjusting 1 width change all the others? Why does the position of something work perfectly fine on all the pages except the first? Why did my header show up on every page of yesterday's reports, but not today's? Why don't two of the same sized labels line up on a report? Why is it that when I try to move a control from one cell to another it just completely breaks? Even with the exact copy/pasted characteristics. I just can't fathom how something can be so unintuitive.

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    I have no answers, but I can say.. Nice rant! I agree it is a major PITA.


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      Think of it like baking a cake, You can just slop the icing on it and call it a day or you can decorate it with flowers, spirals, and balloons, or whatever. unfortunately it's going to be time consuming. but the difference between the 2, is you only have to make the cake once in PC-DMIS.
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        If I ever draw 7 delicate spirals on a cake and they decide to grow because I drew an 8th one, or the icing magics its way into the inside of the cake, I'm going to throw the entire thing in the garbage.


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          and now you know why we call it PC-DEMON

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        Is it even possible to add extra info?
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