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  • Auto insert moves

    Why is it that sometimes using auto insert moves gives me different options? For example. Option of maximum move length and collision safety distance. Other times it just says maximum move length with no option of collision safety distance. Then I noticed if you switch to legacy or preview it gives you something different then both of those. I am using 2019R2

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    Hit F5>General>Warnings and see if there are any warnings turned on or off for your safety moves or collision detection.
    Whenever you hit the "Do not show this warning again" button this is where you can toggle things back on.

    Are you in DCC mode in your program when you are previewing?

    Also, I don't ever use auto insert for moves. I always type in the nominals of the move myself or just use clearplanes. I'm not saying my way is more right or better but I never have to question where my probe is going with a move.


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      I will check my warnings tomorrow.

      yes. I’m in dcc.

      I also do the same with my moves. But, I’m trying to save some time. Auto insert moves seemed cool, but don’t work like I want. I know I don’t like clearance cube or optimize path. Auto insert moves is probably the best of them all for me. I just don’t understand why you get different options.


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