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  • SP25 using SM25-4

    I'm doing tips calibration then suddenly this error pop-up during the calibration. "T1A0B0_SCAN_10- Scan has no measured points after execution. It will be marked as skipped during execution."
    Can refer the photo attached. Any idea on this?

    Tips 8BY100

    Probe Option Setting
    Max force : 0.15
    Low force : 0.025
    Upper Force : 0.075
    Trigger force : 0.05
    Return Data : 7
    Point Density : 4
    Offset force : 0.05
    Acceleration : 10
    Return speed : 1
    Pos Accuracy : 0.1
    Probing accuracy : 0.1
    probing mode : DFL image_20467.jpg

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    Goto the scan right click, Edit and under "Path Definition" generate your points for your scan again then re-run it
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    • Shahidan Firdaus
      Shahidan Firdaus commented
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      This error showed during the tips calibration. I’m calibrating the master sphere and this error suddenly pop up

    • KIRBSTER269
      KIRBSTER269 commented
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      Then try choosing Sphere has moved, take a hit on top and try again.

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    Check all the threaded connections in the stylus build to ensure they are tight.

    Clean everything, contacts for the SM4 to SP25 connection as well as the SH4 to SM4 connection, the ruby and the qualification artifact.


    If the problem persists, it's time to delete the probe file and rebuild from scratch.


    If the problem persists, you might try deleting and rebuilding the qualification tool, but I have never seen that file go corrupt. Instead at this point I would contact Hexagon.

    HTH & ymmv.

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    • Shahidan Firdaus
      Shahidan Firdaus commented
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      I already tried all your suggestions.
      Plus changing with another set of SP25 and SM25-4 also got the same problem

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