offline, where does PCDMIS pull the probe descriptions from?

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  • offline, where does PCDMIS pull the probe descriptions from?

    My offline dropdown is blank for my probe descriptions so I am unable to build probes offline?

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    Before you open a program, go to Edit> Set Searh Path... From the dropdown list, select Probe Directory. Update the filepath to wherever your probe files are stored


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      To the best of my recollection it is a .dll or maybe a .dat file in the Pc-Dmis directory. It should have installed as part of the Pc-Dmis installation on the computer. My best guess would be you don't have the search paths set correctly. IIRC you need to launch the settings editor and set the search paths there, save, then close the settings editor and re-launch Pc-Dmis. If the .dll file is not in your Pc-Dmis directory you may need to re-install Pc-Dmis. Hopefully someone can chime in to confirm, fill in any gaps in my memory, and supply the exact name of the .dll or .dat file that has the probe descriptions.

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          After setting your path for your probe files copy the probes from your CMM and paste them into the folder where you set you search paths on your offline.
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