"System Error" when taking an auto vector point

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  • "System Error" when taking an auto vector point

    So while running a program that has successfully run about half a dozen times we got a "System Error" error which shut off the controller. We restarted the controller and computer and went to run the program again. The "System Error" appeared again. We started some troubleshooting and narrowed it down to happening on an auto vector point. The code and F9 information for the vector point looked fine, but it would still kick out that error and shut off the CMM if we tried to run it.
    Deleting and recreating the point has appeared to fix this error from happening now.
    My question is what in the world does this error even mean? It seems so generic and unhelpful. Should there be concern for hardware failing or a corrupt program?
    CMM is running 2020 R1. Thanks.

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    The Demon is notorious for something as simple as a feature becoming corrupt, like you state. The good thing about it, 99% of the time recreating it fixes it, and also it doesn't just continue on giving you a bad reading like nothings wrong. Not that this doesn't ever happen. You ever get the hiccups because you ate to much? or burped because of the same? Yeah it's pretty much like this.
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      Thank you. Since I've never seen the error before I wanted to make sure it wasn't hinting at something more problematic in the future.

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    I have seen features get corrupted before. I have had dimensions (Xact Measure dims primarily) report 0 deviation or report features 150"+ OOT on their location- deleting and recreating the dimension fixes this. I have had Auto Features crash PC-DMIS when I try to delete them. So I put a label right after it and a GOTO/ label right before it so the feature is always skipped when the program is ran. Then after it runs a few times with the goto and label, it will let me delete it. The best part is, as you already mentioned, features that get corrupted show nothing is wrong when you look at the code and the F9 menus. Sometimes you can select/unselect a feature in a dimension, or toggle the Polar/Cartesian button on an Auto Feature. This regenerates the feature and sometimes fixes it (sometimes). Once I am able to delete the feature and recreate it, the issues are typically gone and the program is good to go (you may have to shell your program if it gets really bad, though).

    As far as the cause, who knows??? Based off of my personal experience, I wouldn't worry about it corrupting anything else, unless you start seeing some sort of trend with corruptions... To me, this sounds like a fluke that you will inevitably encounter as a PC-DMIS user


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      Is there a specific error and/or code that pops up on the execution box? Or does it just say "system error"?


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