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    Application Errors
    You no longer get an application error in these instances:
    • PCD-208339 - When you run a Basic Script in certain cases.
    • PCD-208987 - When you move the cursor above all the alignment
    commands and define the cross-section commands.
    • PCD-209148 - When you click the Generate button on the Scan dialog box
    to re-generate hits after you edit a scan feature.
    • PCD-209155 - When you open PC-DMIS on locked down IT accounts
    without Internet access and you didn't turn off the Internet access on the
    Home page settings.
    • PCD-209214 - When you import a .dxf file in certain cases.
    • PCD-209603 - When you use legacy true position D3 with no datum.
    • PCD-209614 - When you start execution of a measurement routine in
    certain cases.
    • PCD-210119 - When you copy true position dimensions in certain cases.
    • PCD-210133 - When you delete features that use the true position legacy
    • PCD-210361 - When you open PC-DMIS Online in certain cases.
    • PCD-210366 - When the Romer interface fails to initialize in certain cases.
    • PCD-210455 - When you switch from probe to scan in certain cases.
    • PCD-210456 - When you select File | Close in certain cases.
    • PCD-210466 - When you preview a pointcloud in certain cases.
    • PCD-210587 - When you select File | Exit in certain cases.
    • PCD-210593 - In the Probe description area of the Probe Utilities dialog
    box in certain cases.
    • PCD-210608 - When you switch between active measurement routines in
    certain cases.
    • PCD-210681 - When PC-DMIS displays a license failure error message
    immediately after you open PC-DMIS.
    • PCD-210719 - When you close a measurement routine with an active
    clearance plane.
    • PCD-210955 - When you drag and drop an item from the Summary mode
    to within or outside (such as custom report) the Summary mode.
    • PCD-210987 - When you calibrate probes in certain cases.
    • PCD-211001 - At the end of the execution when you switch measurement
    • PCD-211060 - When you calibrate tips in certain cases.
    • PCD-211077 - When the device manager interface generates an error
    message before PC-DMIS is ready.
    • PCD-211122 - When you close a measurement routine in certain cases.
    • PCD-211128 - When you perform an undo operation on an alignment.
    • PCD-211308 - When you carry tolerances forward.
    • PCD-211353 - When you close a measurement routine and then
    immediately open another measurement routine.
    • PCD-212224 - When you open a measurement routine from the protected

    Auto Features
    • PCD-185254 - You can now change the Row overlap value in the Auto
    Feature dialog box on Auto Laser plane features.
    • PCD-210189 - You can now see the improved spectrum output for the
    Precitec CHRocodile S and CHRocodile SE controllers.
    • PCD-210200 - You can now see Re-measure works correctly when you use
    Rmeas on all contact features.
    • PCD-211612 - You can now see that, when in Offline mode and you
    measure an Auto Circle Contact with zero sample hits relative to a feature,
    PC-DMIS projects the circle onto the theoretical plane of the circle.

    • PCD-210145 - You can now see all the CAD entities when you import a
    CAD file.
    • PCD-210872 - You can now see an improved import of CAD STEP files.
    • PCD-163494 - PC-DMIS can now saves the wrist speed in the settings
    editor whenever you have PC-DMIS read the machine defaults on startup.
    To do this, mark the Read machine defaults on startup check box for
    FDC controllers in the Machine Options dialog box.
    • PCD-211016 - You can now correctly calibrate multiple arms in the INCH
    mode when you use the AUTOCALIBRATE/MULTIPLEARM command.
    • PCD-211376 - PC-DMIS no longer converts the external command line
    from lowercase to uppercase.

    • PCD-205908 - You can now update DIMINFO and POINTINFO expressions
    when you remove the segment from the tolerance command.
    • PCD-208911 - PC-DMIS now displays deviation correctly for the planar
    position in the Graphical Display window.
    • PCD-208983 - PC-DMIS now allows 10 million hits for features in the
    Geometric Tolerance dialog box.
    • PCD-211223 - You can now see that FCF or Tolerance indicator with ISO
    behaves correctly for datums in the lower segment between Position and
    Line Profile or Surface profile.

    HxGN SFx | Asset Management
    • PCD-196206 - PC-DMIS no longer sends incorrect error events when you
    enable the Find Hole option for auto features.
    • PCD-212187 - PC-DMIS now updated Edge Client data stream to add
    session trace fields.

    • PCD-208943 - You can now execute thickness scan features with the
    Precitec 2SHS controller.
    • PCD-210143 - PC-DMIS now displays an error message in the Execution
    dialog box where there is no signal from the CWS or HP-OW probes.

    • PCD-211073 - You can now show or hide the Probe Readouts window
    through automation.

    • PCD-209253 - PC-DMIS now shows the zero value for K2008 in a .dfq file
    when the tolerance zone for a position dimension is only in one axis.
    • PCD-210022 - You can now see the material condition information of
    K2020 in a part-specific Q-DAS data file.
    • PCD-210023 - PC-DMIS now controls K2005 for the profile characteristics
    with the Q-DAS Interface Settings.
    • PCD-210585 - You can now see the Max/Min profile reporting in a .dfq file
    for the Geometric Tolerance dimensions.

    • PCD-207509 - PC-DMIS no longer causes resource consumption when you
    refresh the custom report with the snapshot images in the Report
    • PCD-209996 - PC-DMIS now converts the deviation value of the point info
    into the same unit of the measurement routine.
    • PCD-210875 - You can now see the correct ball color for leader lines
    drawn on the CAD reporting object in the custom report.

    Temperature Compensation
    • PCD-208280 - PC-DMIS Temp Comp V2 now lets you detect the mismatch
    in the compensation method and apply the correct method for the actual
    CMM for these two conditions:
    • H3C/FDC/CC controller
    • Measurement routines created with Temp Comp V1 that use the
    "Read Temperatures" method
    • PCD-212274 - PC-DMIS now correctly converts the temperature values
    when you switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit in the Temperature
    Compensation Setup dialog box.
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    I love that they are generic in some of their fixes "in certain cases".