SP25 Scan Head Issue

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  • SP25 Scan Head Issue


    Hexagon engineer has just installed our new SP25 Scan hardware. Took a few days to get everything communicating properly.

    All parameters are set per the installation instructions. However, when scanning any size diameter, the machine starts to shake on and off throughout the scan.

    what settings can be adjusted to fix this problem?

    Thank you.

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    Does is do this also when calibrating the probe if not then are your scan speeds set to high.for the size of holes.


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      It calibrates with no problem. All scan parameters are set per Hexagon's installation guide. I will try slowing the scan speed. Engineer suggested Settings Editor and something about circular moves??


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        Shaking is not expected behavior.

        I would look to the help files first to gain an understanding of all the settings, tabs, and controls available for scanning within an autofeature.

        After that, aside from this issue, you might want to look into either a course that covers scanning or maybe half or a full day of having an AE be onsite at your facility to help you learn how to best use this new tool for your parts and needs.

        I am not familiar with the latest course offerings. When I tried to do this several years ago, the last day of the advanced user class covered analog scanning a bit. Hopefully they have built out a longer more comprehensive block of instruction by now.

        I taught myself what worked for my parts by experimenting - mostly with scan density and speed, but also with some of the offset/trigger forces. One of the best tools for analyzing scans is graphic analysis. Until you have a good handle on the settings and scanning in general I highly recommend you get in the habit of looking at graphic analysis of your scans often. When all or part of the scan is very jagged or misshapen (i.e. a circle looks like a "D" instead of an "O") something is wrong with the scan parameters, unless of course the part is really that jagged condition or wrong shape.

        One last tip I recall is that scan speed and scan density impact each other. If you want to scan fast, you need a low point density. If you need a high point density due to tight tolerances you will need to slow down the scan speed.

        HTH & ymmv

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          Everyone thank you. I will have to play with the parameters a bit.


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