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  • CMM plastic cover smashed

    Hi guys ,

    My global s CMM has 4 circular plastic covers , 2 on each end of the machine. Ive just caught one with my knee while positioning a jig and smashed it to bits - my question is what do they do and can i run the CMM safely without one? Im going to get in repaired but have tonnes to be getting on with in the meantime. Im waiting for a call back from hexagon but if anyone can answer here faster id very much appreciate it

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    On ours they are just covers from impact (knees) and protect from dust. If it is not structurally supporting the CMM, I'd day you are good to go. You might want to cover that end with something to protect it from dust though.
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      Thanks for the reply. we think it might be covering the holes used to transport the machine if it gets moved. Gunna glue the cover back together when i have a spare minute , which will probably result in lots of glued fingers but hey ho


      • Matthew D. Hoedeman
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        what's being covered? If it is just a blind hole in the stone, tape a piece of paper over the hole.

      • JP1234
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        yeh literally just a big hole as far as i can gather

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      Yes, when we got our Global they put those in the holes they used to hold the granite to the pallet while shipping. I don't think anything needs to be there - someone must have thought it looked nicer that way.


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        Yeh thought so mbatten thank you


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          To the best of my recollection I was told those holes are how the chunk of granite is held while being cut/ground and lapped. And they are probably also used to for shipping tiedowns as previously mentioned. Should be zero impact on operation of the CMM machine machine, aside from maybe some dust.
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            Yep thank you Wes panic over!


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