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  • Exporting Report to Excel

    This question has been asked a thousand times on here and only a handful have been answered, none of which have helped me.

    I'm running 2018 R2 and trying to get my report into a single Excel spreadsheet with basic dimensions (s/n, nom, ±tol, meas) and nothing else, with each line being the measurement of a single part labeled by its s/n.

    ± TOL ± TOL ± TOL ± TOL
    XXXX-XXX-01 3/1/2021 10:00 MEAS MEAS MEAS MEAS
    XXXX-XXX-02 3/1/2021 10:15 MEAS MEAS MEAS MEAS

    The way 2018 currently exports to Excel is a complete mess. The order (Nom, meas, tol) is hard to follow at first glance. Way too much data comes out (desc, axis, bonus, dev, oot). And no matter what setting I use, each part saves as a separate page/tab instead of just adding to the same sheet.

    I've tried to download and use the tiny handful of scripts that I've found on here and nothing works. the .bas files from the Excel Data script hang up PC DMIS and it will literally sit there not responding until I force close it and it tries to send an error report when I reopen it. I found an .exe but when I try to run it it errors out because it's trying to read PCD 2015. Somebody had a .txt and instructed to save it as a .vbs which didn't do anything when I tried to run it in PCD. So it's safe to say that I don't know exactly what I'm doing and it's getting frustrating. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

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    This may not be quite the answer you were hoping for, but here it goes- I gave up trying to have PC-DMIS append a single file with all of the relevant data I want in a concise and clear format, so now I just let it output all of the data into individual reports like you are seeing. I built an Excel sheet that uses the Excel Power Query function (a VERY useful tool) that imports all of the relevant data from every report in a specified folder, as well as all subfolders within this specified folder. It will import all of the requested data onto one sheet and you can do whatever you want with the data once you have it. I don't use it to populate a form like you are trying to do, but it could be done easily enough if you're decent with Excel. I use mine for tracking and graphing dimensions to identify trends and run SPC. Just Google "Excel Power Query" to get info on it (that's how I figured out how to use it) and you should be able to get going in the right direction. The only downside of this method that I have found is that if there are hundreds of reports, it can take several minutes to import all of the data. HTH


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      Thanks Mike! I'm definitely going to check that out.

      I know there is a script to do what I'm wanting because we had it at my last job. I just cannot find it in the forum to save my life.


      • Mike Ruff
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        It can be done, but I don't know anything about scripts and I'm pretty good with Excel, so I did it this way haha

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      Power query sample.jpg This is a snippet of the sheet with all of the imported data. From here you build another sheet that's formatted how you want and populate that with the data from this sheet.


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        This isn't doing what I need it to do.


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