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  • Printing to Network

    CMM Reports have always been printed as a PDF from PCDmis to part specific folders on the internal company network.

    This has worked fine for a number of years including this morning, but now when I come to print I have to manually navigate to the correct folder. Then save.

    Nothing has been changed or altered as I'm using the CMM for development work on 1 program which worked fine earlier.

    Any ideas on what to try? I'm assuming something may have changed in windows for this to happen

    Running PC-Dmis CAD++ 2018 R2 Build 599 SP10

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    There was a recent windows 10 update that broke printing (again ). Also, see this post
    Neil Challinor
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      Just had a similar issue with 2020 R2 and here is what worked for us:

      Went to the installation file, selected run as administrator, select repair
      had to do the repair 2x before it suggested restarting pc
      Went to offline seat and selected 'run as administrator', ran test program and got a printed file
      Closed and opened offline seat with normal credentials
      Ran same program and saw the file print as expected


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        Glad I saw this. All of our CMM computers are wanting to update Windows so I may have them update tonight then fix the printing issue in the morning. All of our reports go to our network.
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          R2ah1ze1l then it may not have happened. I am actually quite useless, just a waste of oxygen really.

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          A-machine-insp You help people while you're sleeping and/or head banging!

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          bfire85 It's one of the two, either asleep or full throttle. Today is a "pedal to the metal (or however that translates to motorcycles)" kind of day. I'm still listening to (ironic band name considering) While She Sleeps - You Are All You Need.

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        Thanks all

        I shall try R2ah1ze1l idea. Was this for each program or just one?


        • R2ah1ze1l
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          Do it to your PC-DMIS application, the printing issue will be fixed for each of your programs.

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