Import routine from File_A into File_B.

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  • Import routine from File_A into File_B.

    I've been unable to find this question after a fairly extensive search on here. The user documents point me to File/Operations/Mirror,Copy...

    I am trying to copy a routine from file_a to file_b. I do not want to lose the contents of file_b, simply add to it. Specificly, my file_a is mill_operation_side_1. My file_b is mill_operation_side_2. Currently, I am measuring two different planes on the same part with 2 different programs.; I want to combine into one program.

    Much appreciated.

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    If your goal is simply to copy code without any kind of link (unlike importing/including a library module in most programming languages), you should be able to:

    1. Open file B.
    2. Open file A; this will hide file B.
    3. Copy what you want from file A.
    4. Close file A.
    5. Paste what you copied into file B.

    I've done this successfully once or twice myself. If you need to switch back and forth repeatedly, the window tab should allow you to select which open program you want to be "on top" - unfortunately there's no way to put two or more programs side by side. I think there's a suggestion in the idea center about that...

    Make sure the feature you copy references an alignment equivalent to the active one where you paste it. Otherwise you'll have to move it somehow, and no promises whatsoever about what might blow up there...


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      You'll want to use copy and paste with pattern. This will rename everything so you don't have duplicate names for any feature, dimension, alignment, etc. Use 0 for all the offsets with a pattern of 1. At the end of file b, change to the startup alignment. You should be able to paste the entire program a to the end of program b.
      PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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