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  • Probe rotation

    Is there a way to make sure that the probe makes the shortest rotation possible? If I command the probe to rotate to A90B-90 and I am at A90B-60 the probe naturally rotates 330 degrees as opposed to the 30 degree rotation. I'm running PC-DMIS 2013 MR1.

    *EDIT- My example was a poor choice. A better example would be rotating from A90B-182.5 to A90B182.5
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    I don't think so.


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      Are you sure you got that right? if it's rotating 330 degrees. something is wrong, What knuckle do you have? Rotation to the left in B 0 to -180 and to the right 0 to180. Pretty sure the only knuckle that rotates endless is Renishaws Revo
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      • J_Tdmis
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        Renishaw PH10MQ. I was just curious if we could select shortest possible rotation. If not, then that feature should be added.

      • Matthew D. Hoedeman
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        PH10 won't do that, it can't do that, it won't rotate around, only -180 to +180, it is impossible for the PH10 to rotate around past -180 to come back to -60.

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      No not really, just have to be methodical as you write your program. Just like what you're trying to accomplish, I always use angles where I swing the probe/rotate my wrist the least amount as I possibly can. Less angles/movement = less wear & tear on the hardware & greater overall accuracy
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        I see said the blind man. My probe is mechanically limited and cannot execute a rotation passed the 180 degree mark. Thanks for the help everyone.


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