Pc dmis 2021.1 new summary mode row size

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  • Pc dmis 2021.1 new summary mode row size

    Hi guys, do anyone know if it is possible to reduce high of row in new summary mode? In old one i have much more rows rhen now. This should be a inprovment shouldnt be? Now i less than before. Please help uf there is some registry variable let me now. Thanks

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    Have you considered using collapsible groups to consolidate your code sections?

    I’m not aware of a way to adjust the row height.


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      Can you decrease the font size? maybe smaller text will make the rows smaller?


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        Thanks for advise. Yes, had to start using groups, but still have to many and don't want to reduse features i d luke to have rows smaller. Changing of font size affects command mode font size i am afraid. I' ll try today


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